Website Commissions

Download this template and upload the commissions for this period only.

Direct Parent Payments Commissions

Export STRIPE or PAYPAL File for Direct Payment Commissions For This Period ONLY

School Invoices

You must include all school invoices for this term. Whether or not they have paid you.


Download this template and upload your refunds to be processed this month.


Anything extra, payments missed, workshops, cheques, cash in hand (this is important and could result in suspension/fines).

Do you want to change Bank Details?

Clubs List

Please upload your list of confirmed clubs for this period. We will only accept this template.

Clubs Registers

Please provide a spreadsheet link to a folder which contains ALL of the registers for ALL of the clubs on the list. We will only accept this template

Make sure this is 100% accurate

Check, double check and check again the details are correct. If not, you risk delayed payments which could be rolled over to the following month.