Leave Request

You can leave the platform here.

  • 7 days notice before a club starts 
  • You can take 100% of the clubs you have on-boarded yourself


If you request leaving your branch, all of your clubs that were given to you through marketing of Kids’ Club or referrals, will have 7 days to be permanently transferred to another branch. If this is not possible within 7 days, you may keep the clubs for yourself and your new venture.

All clubs that you have contacted and built on your own will be notified that you are managing them outside of the Kids’ Club platform alone.

All of your clubs will be removed from the website and your club data will be destroyed and deleted from the system.

Before you leave the platform, Kids’ Club will ask you to verify your identity, clubs listed and insurance policy.

Your schools and parents will be notified that the clubs are either transferring, or cancelled entirely.