Let the Music play on

Music changes the kids feel about themselves; it enhances confidence and self esteem while the kids explore a whole new side of them they may have never known existed. There are so many different types of music to explore; whether we run a club that just explores one genre or dive into singing, guitar or even rapping

We're Happy Teaching Music To All Ages

Especially because at the end of every club, we put together a show. ❤️

We have a large variety of clubs that children can learn how to sing, play piano or even play guitar;  we work together to ensure each student is hitting those key notes and will provide a world class club that involves learning the basics, music reading, rhythm theory and more!

Music Clubs

We hand-pick the perfect DBS qualified club leaders with music certificates, who offer invaluable lessons to the kids week after week... with a first class attitude to back it up.

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