Behaviour Management

At Kids’ Club We Look After Each Other

Kids’ Club uses effective behaviour management strategies to promote the welfare and enjoyment of children attending the Club. Working in partnership with parents and other agencies, we aim to encourage socially acceptable behaviour using clear, consistent and positive strategies. The club rules are compiled with the children and are discussed regularly.

Whilst at Kids’ Club Club we expect both children and adults to:

  • Use socially acceptable behaviour
  • Comply with the Kids’ Club policies and procedures
  • Respect one another, accepting differences of race, gender, ability, age and religion
  • Ask for assistance if needed

The club will promote and actively encourage good behaviour by leading by example and by colleagues respecting each other and the children. It is believed that by adopting a culture of sharing and caring, engaging rules of action and consequence and by the adults leading by example, any incidents of bullying, name calling, or aggression will be minimised. By establishing clear boundaries according to the child’s level of understanding, children become aware of routines and settings and know what is expected of them. One child’s behaviour must not be allowed to endanger the other children in the group by absorbing or distracting the supervising colleagues. Parents are expected to provide suitable detail in terms of behavioural traits of their children when registering their child or when there is a significant change.

Children will be made aware of the effects of their behaviour on others and methods of discussion and distraction shall be used when confronting behaviour issues. No undue stress shall be placed on the child in terms of humiliation, segregation or any form of physical punishment. Incident sheets will be used to record any incident where handling or physical intervention is needed. Sheets will be kept on file and copies and made available to parents.

If a child’s behaviour is concerning Kids’ Club colleagues, the following steps will be taken:

  • The child will be given a verbal warning and explanation about why their behaviour is unacceptable
  • If this does not resolve the matter then the parent will be informed
  • If the unacceptable behaviour continues the colleagues will monitor and record the incidents and keep the parents informed
  • If there is no improvement then a meeting will be called between the parents, manager and Local Area Manager.
  • At the meeting a strategy will be agreed with SMART objectives and review dates set
  • In the unlikely event that the behaviour does not improve Kids’ Club reserve the right to exclude the child from the club on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Abuse, both verbal and/or physical, against a member of colleagues or another child will not be tolerated and may lead to immediate exclusion.

If at any time a child’s behaviour is extremely anti-social then temporary or permanent exclusion may be implemented immediately.

If a child’s behaviour consistently affects the good feeling within a club, Kids’ Club may exclude this child.

Kids’ Club will make sure that colleagues will receive training, if required, in respect of basic behavioural management and how to control situations to ensure the safety of the children.