Booking Fees & Refunds

Kids’ Club will never ask for your bank details. Refunds do not requite your bank details as they are a direct “reverse transaction” through our payment merchant, Stripe.

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All refunds are processed in 21 days from the date that your branch submits them. 


What happens when we refund you?

  1. You will receive an official refund receipt email from Stripe.
  2. You will receive a refund confirmation notification from Kids’ Club


How are refunds submitted?

By your branch.

Refund submission is on the last Friday of the month and is done by the branch on behalf of the parent.  

I’ve been asked for my bank details

If you have been asked for your banking details please not that this is NOT Kids’ Club asking. 

This is either your branch or club leader upon an agreement between the both of you. 

If you are uncomfortable please contact immediately with the subject line PARENT REFUND and the name of the club leader / branch who has asked. An immediate investigation will take place. 

Refund Protection

We understand that sadly not everyone can attend every club that they book. We wish to give you some peace of mind, although our promise does not extend to all circumstances.

Our promise is that we will provide you with a refund for any unused booking if you are unable to attend the booked club due to any of the circumstances set out below.

The promise we offer is an additional service and totally optional. It is a promise that we will make a refund to you in
certain limited circumstances for the payment of an additional fee in addition to your booking fee.

This covers Covid cancellations. Any absences due to covid without refund protection are not covered and will not be refunded. 

Refund Promise is not an insurance nor covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

This promise is administered by Kids’ Club. Definitions are given at the end of this text.

Provided that the relevant booked club has not taken place and you give written notice to us within fourteen (14) days of having taken advantage of our Refund Promise, of your wish to cancel the benefit of your Refund Promise, then this
promise will be cancelled and your fees paid in respect of the promise will be repaid.
Please note that all relevant reports must be provided in English. We cannot deal with any other language.
Our promise is subject to English law.

Our Promise; when we refund

Except as provided below under the heading “When we will not refund”, we will refund the cost of your booking if you
are unable to attend a booked club due to:

  • unexpected decision to move house and school resulting in not being able attend
  • the death, accident, or illness happening to you, a member of your immediate family or any person(s) booked onto the club, provided you supply either a doctor’s certificate where your
    refund request is for accident or illness which is not a pre-existing medical condition, or a death certificate
    where your refund request is for death (additional medical confirmation may sometimes be required following submission of a death certificate).
  • your family or any persons booked onto the club is being summoned to appear in court proceedings as a witness of which you had not received notice at the
    time of booking provided you supply the original summons requesting you to appear in court;

Our Promise; when we will NOT refund

Except as provided below under the heading “When we will not refund”, we will refund the cost of your booking if you
are unable to attend a booked club due to:

  • you changed your mind about the club
  • your child doesn’t want to attend anymore after the first week
  • an illness or the death of you, the club member or a member of your immediate family is caused by or
    is as a result of a pre-existing medical condition;
  • the booked club is cancelled, abandoned, postponed, curtailed or relocated by the organiser or club provider, at
    any time prior to a refund being processed by us;
  • you do not attend a booked club other than for a reason included within this Refund Promise;
  • you cannot provide a doctor’s report for accident or illness;
  • you are prevented from attending to a booked club due to disruption of the public transport network which
    is public knowledge prior to the club day;
  • you can recover any part of the booking;
  • in our reasonable opinion, you did not allow sufficient time to attend the club;
  • you make a false or fraudulent refund application or support a refund application by false or fraudulent
    document, device or statement;
  • the cancellation results from unforeseen financial troubles

Refund Protection

You can apply for a refund if your child is unable to attend this club due to accidents, unexpected illnesses or specified unforeseen circumstances. By adding to your booking you confirm that you have read and accepted these booking terms and conditions.

If you do not protect your  tickets no refund can be given if your child cannot attend.

Refund protection costs £2.30

Transaction Fee

The transaction fee covers the costs of processing your membership, packing and delivering the materials for your club. In many cases it also covers the cost of setting up your club. 

The transaction fee applies per booking not per club. If you book four clubs at once, you only pay one transaction fee. If you book four clubs separately, you pay four transaction fees. 

The transaction fee is fixed at £2.95, this is applicable or web payments and direct invoices. 

The transaction fee is automatically added on the website. 

The transaction fee for direct invoices is added to the invoice or billed to the branch. 

Kids’ Club send email confirmation securely for clubs as soon as your book.

This fee applies to all clubs we run.

The Amount Of The Refund

If the above conditions are fulfilled, we will refund you the purchase price excluding any transaction fee and refund protection cost of the booked

Our refund will not include  expenses you incurred.
We will not pay any costs you incur in submitting or providing evidence to support your refund application

Refund Timings

Refunds take 5-7 days to process and 10 business days to appear on a customer’s statement. Transaction fees for the original payment won’t be returned, but there are no additional fees for the refund*.

Please allow up to 21 working days for your refund to be completed.

Cancellation Fee

After the club start date, cancellations are subject to the following cancellation fees.

Requeste date: Fee:
Paid for refund protection100% money back for the remaning sessions
Did not pay for refund protection£16, minus classes taken

Request a cancellation

Log in to your account to request a cancellation:

If you paid for refund protection, you get 100% of your money back for the remaining sessions without question.

General Conditions

The following apply to ALL requests for a refund:

  1. you must make all necessary arrangements to arrive at the event on time and be prepared to evidence the same;
  2. you must take all reasonable precautions to prevent or reduce any request for a refund or the amount to be refunded.

Requesting a Refund from Us

You must visit in order to complete a refund application form as soon as reasonably possible after becoming aware of circumstances that may lead you to request a refund.

You may be asked to provide at your own expense the following:

  • evidence as set out above; and
  • any reasonable additional evidence that we may request.