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How to get paid

Pick how you get paid. Whether it’s a weekly bank transfer or an immediate cashout after every completed club, discover all your options to get your money your way.

If automatic cashouts are your thing, instant payouts if for you

  • Get paid 80% commission
  • Automatically cash out after every club, free of charge
  • Get direct access to your money since deposits are immediately made to your account

You must have over 70 clubs running and a clear history of accounting to be eligible. 

Need your money now? No worries

  • Cash out with Instant Pay up to £7,500 a day
  • Mark a club as complete, then cash out immediately

Note: bank holidays and processing can delay deposits up to 2 business days.


Policy by KC “Kids’ Club” for branch owners. 

Payout Date

Commissions are processed on the last Wednesday of the month at any time before midnight.

Branch owners should email here if payment is not received by the following Thursday. 

Payout submission cut off date

Cut of date for submitting accounts is the Friday before the last Wednesday of the month. For example to be paid on the last Wednesday of the month which is Wednesday 26th of March, you must fill out the form on Friday 24 of March

Early Submissions

What if I submit my account early?

Payouts will only be paid for all dates on the payout period that you select on the form.

For example if the payout period is Feb 22 – March 24

and you submit on March 21

The dates of March 22, March 23 and March 23 will not be accounted for and will not be paid for those dates ever.

It is advised to submit early only when you know there are no payments coming in. If not, you risk loosing 100% of your money on those days.

Payout timings

How long does it take to access my money?

If you’re loading earnings to your PayPal or Stripe, in most instances you’ll receive your cash in 3 working days. If you’re transferring earnings to a bank account, processing times can vary depending on your bank. Some banks may take a few days to make your funds available.

Instant Payouts

How can I get Instant Commissions?

Branch managers with a track record of consistent, smooth accounting are eligible to take full control of their accounts after a full term of proving they are eligible. 

Which part of my earnings can I cash out?

All that is available in your dashboard.

Missing / Extra Payments

How can I add missing or extra payments?

On the payment form, please fill out the Extras section and provide as much proof as possible as the form is only submitted once. The outcome of your submission will be emailed to you in 3-5 working days after review.

When am I paid my missing payments?

If you submitted late then failure to submit will roll over accounts to next month and will take 7-10 working days longer the usual processing date.

Late accounts will be filed separately to the current period.

This is the branch managers fault and needs to be reviewed like a new account filing.

If you are owed for the same period, this will be deducted from commissions paid to KC or transferred into your account on time.

If KC are owed, they will deduct funds from your available balance. 

Late filing fees of £225 may apply as a half day rate for accounts to review and process your late filings. 

Account Control

Why can I not control my own accounts?

You may need to meet a certain consistency threshold and/or be proven to have correct handling of your accounts. You can request this after a full term of accounting in the next payout form.

How can I change my bank?

To change your bank account please select “change bank account” on the form.

How can I contact accounts?

To submit your accounts please fill out this form and submit your message in “Extras”.  Accounts will contact you back if needed.

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