Penalties & Fees (instructors)

All penalties are automatically deducted from any upcoming pay outs. If there is any outstanding monies owed an invoice will be raised. 

If the invoice is not paid or an agreement is not met. We will permit an assigned debt collection agency to recover the debt. If the money owed is still not recovered, you this may result in the county court. 

    1. Late Fees;
      Your time is just as important as the students, school and parents that you are working with. Time is money, please arrive on time. We will be checking with the school weekly to confirm your arrival time; your start time is not optional and should be taken seriously.

      Like anything, doctor’s appointments, exams or a job you should always aim to be 10-15 minutes early so that you can ensure you are there and well prepared. If you are 5 minutes late there will be a £5 fine; each minute after that is another £1.

      If you are more than 30 minutes late you are expected to teach the workshop without pay. The schools and parents are owed refunds when tardiness occurs.

    2. Missed clubs;
      48 hours cancelation notice is required. This is if you are sick, have an emergency etc.. When something comes up you must contact the school by phone, email us or call immediately. Do not text your line manager as a first reach of contact, you must go through the proper channels by emailing and calling us first.

      If you cancel a workshop without letting us know within 24 hours there will be a £80 fine.

      If you make a same day cancellation or fail to show up there is a penalty charge of £120; this charge will be deducted from your upcoming pay. These fees are to be taken very seriously and are not negotiable. When you fail to deliver on the commitment of running your club parents are issued refunds and schools may charge us penalties.

    3. Cancelled term;
      If you cancel a club in the middle of the term you will be invoiced for the remaining sessions and are required to pay the rest of the weeks in full.

    4. Missed payment deadline;
      This is the instructors responsibility only. It is your fault if you do not complete your payment form in time. You are responsible for your own well-being and must fill out the form yourself.

      Payment forms must be filled out before 8pm on Friday as stipulated. If you miss your payment deadline then you may not be paid at all. If the payment deadline was at the end of a complete term you risk not being paid at all as payment period has passed. If your payment deadline passed as the end of school year then you will not be paid at all if you missed it. This is your responsibility only, no-one elses. 
      If you fill out the form late, you risk not being paid at all. This is your own doing. 

In all cases please do not contact admin or your line manager to support your claim. This is a conflict of interest and they are not allowed to get involved.

In all cases of lateness and missed clubs you must call the school to apologise and write a letter of explanation to the parents which will be sent on email.

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