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You will get access to our forum online. There you can ask a question or ask for advice from us or our community. By the way, the authors of the course will also be in this group, which means you can get feedback from the teacher.


Great days start and end with a reliable club

Each day after school, our quality Kids’ Club are keeping kids safe; inspiring them to learn; serving as a source of support and comfort to working families; and even helping working parents be more productive at work and keep their jobs.


Getting back to work schedule includes securing the clubs

The pandemic has been tough on all of us, but it’s been particularly hard on parents that have been hit by job cuts and key workers. It’s our duty to help the best way we can: with clubs. We’re working with schools and club leaders to help provide quality and reliable childcare each day, so parents stay busy building their legacies.

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Some Common FAQ's

If you have selected refund protection, yes. If not, ifthe schools close again or suddenly we provide the option to freeze the club.

When you sign up you will receive the club leaders mobile number and will be able to communicate with them directly. 

Let’s say you wanted to switch from Monday to Friday one week, you must contact the club leader. This decision is up to them completely. As a company we do not chop and change days and we take bookings on a term by term fixed basis

We offer trials for children who have special circumstances only

The welfare of all children is our primary concern. We have implemented protective measures in our clubs which include new risk assessments, reduced group sizes and revised activities. staff to child ratios are 1:15 for all age groups to ensure small group working. All children are to be kept at a safe distance apart, and we exercise judgement in ensuring the highest standards of safety are maintained. In all clubs, it has been necessary for us to introduce a cap on numbers to ensure that safety is prioritised.

Safeguarding of your child is our primary concern. We run all of our clubs at your school which means that we’re operating in a safe environment for 4 ½ and 14 years old. On-site risk assessments are completed and staff are trained in all the necessary policies and procedures. This training includes health, safety, hygiene, safeguarding, first aid, managing children’s behaviour and much more. We also train staff to deliver a variety of different activities, always making sure they’re safe and fun.

We understand that parents can feel a little nervous when sending their child to an extended club for the first time. Our caring staff will make sure that you’re quickly put at ease and your child is settled in smoothly. Kids’ Club is here to provide you with a high quality Kids’ Club, a responsibility we take very seriously. Staff support each individual child during their first time at club by making sure they’re familiar with the venue, staff and how the programme works and what they should expect during their day.

On arriving at the base room your child will be met by their Group Leader who will sign them into their group and record your child’s time of arrival. The Group Leader will introduce themselves to your child as their lead member of staff for the day/week. This member of staff will oversee the care of your child and make sure that they settle easily into the club.

Yes, each child will be assigned a Keyworker, also known as their Group Leader, during their time at the club. They will be responsible for your child’s welfare at Kids’ Club. You’ll be notified of who this is when you arrive at the club. You can speak to their Group Leader at any time, just contact the club directly to arrange this.

If at the end of the day, you would like to speak to the Group Leader of your child’s group, please just ask. As long as they are still on shift they will be happy to come out to the collection area and chat with you about your child’s day. If the timing does not suit your arrangements, simply ask for an appointment, our staff consider each child individually and are only too happy to share all the amazing things their groups have been up to!

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